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Server Troubles

[A] rundmcarlson a posted Jul 21, 14
I DO have a working backup. I had to reimport the worlds, but the worlds are all still there and now that they are imported again they work as warps and whatnot. Everything should be back in order and I have the files for it.

There is however, a problem. I will no longer be able to host the server. I am willing to give all of the files over to someone else if they can host it on their pc or on a server hosting somewhere. I certainly want to keep the server up for you guys if you enjoy it, but I just can't afford the electricity and website costs anymore, especially since I don't play. I have had it up for nearly a year now without being a minecraft player, and it is unfortunately the end for me. The total size of the server is about 8GB, but compressed its about 3.5GB. 

If you want to host the server, all you need to do is go to my google drive or dropbox (will link on the bottom) and download the file. Then extract it with winrar, winzip, 7zip or a similar program (should be able to just double click it to open and extract if on windows). If on windows, once the files are extracted you just have to double click the start.bat file and the server will run. To let other's connect, you just need to forward the mc port (25565) to your computer's local ip address, (which you can find by opening the command prompt and typing ipconfig, then hitting enter. Your local ip is the one that says ipv4 address, and will usually start with 192.168.). Once you forward that port to that ip in your router, give your players your public ip (which can be found my going to and they just need to type that in to connect. 

To op yourself, type op yourusername in the console cmd window that comes up when you run start.bat. You can then control permissions and everything else, but you will have to learn that stuff on your own. Lastly, if you want a domain name, like, you have to go to a company like that sells domain names and buy one for about $10 for the year. In their control panel you can change where the domain points (the company support team can help you if you are lost), and just point it to your public ip. Then your players can just type in the friendly .com name. Enjin also does free websites, or paid ones. If you do decide to use an enjin site, I would appreciate it if you used the enjin ad on my site to sign up, which will help keep this site running. If you do, I will link to your site as a new home for the server. You will have to mess with the enjin plugin to get whitelisting and promoting to work, or just remove the plugin and do it manually, however you want to do it.

I will edit this post when the uploads to dropbox and google drive have completed. Expect a few hour wait time.

Survival world take 2 (dropbox) (3GB):
[E] tonster46346 Rund... I'm scarwed
[E] regshowfreak7 then my fleet of ships, everything, is now gone forever?
[D] 20JPorter ATTENTION: The backup has the new stuff Nothing seems to be lost


[A] rundmcarlson a posted May 27, 14
Most of our plugins have been updated to the latest version so you should hopefully see a lot less bugginess. If you see any bugs, please report them and eggnog and I will squash them as we can. I also installed some new plugins that we will be able to use soon.
[E] epicman25565 Heyo, I'm back on the server
[Mod] DoubleIka Perhaps you could add in some sort of Ender dragon spawn system so that The dragon respawns every so often?


[A] EggNog774 posted May 22, 14

A lot of changes will be happening soon, including  changes to some perms, survival, and a new main hub. Which brings me to say, there will be a contest for IDEAS for the new spawn, as it will most likely be too big to be contained on a 100x100 block area. I will post a forum thread with directions for the format of the entry. 

As for survival, we are planning to add all the regular mobs and set the difficulty to either normal or hard mode; not sure yet. But this means there will be creepers, endermen, wolves, blazes, etc. A new survival spawn will be made too, and if you want, you could enter that in with the hub entries too, just be sure to tell me what you're entering for. The new survival spawn will most likely contain a warp to the nether as well. 

NOTE: Survival will NOT BE RESET

Another change is that we MIGHT take away some donor perks ( nothing too important, I'm mainly concerned with creative mode/flying in the new main hub, because I hat having the ugly bedrock walls and glass ceilings). 

Lastly (for now), there are plans for integrating new minigames into the server, which will be announced in the near future. BIG changes, possibly more to come!

[E] StickJV I may have something already made that might be good for spawn on my personnal server. Contact me so I can show it to yo...
[Mgr] Techy4198 main server is down again lol
[E] epicman25565 If only people would get on the server when I'm on. Seems like everyone gets on when I cannot!
This weekend I will be resetting the world so we can generate 1.7 land. Fill your inventory and an enderchest with whatever you want to keep. If the items carry over to the new world, you can have them. If they don't carry over, then we will all be on the same new page of nothingness. There will be a new world to explore and the kits will make sure you get back up and running quickly.
[E] regshowfreak7 And to the great friend 20JPORTER! Ps is this going to be a survival server? Please allow us to have creative plots!
[E] regshowfreak7 Let's remember the Time Ika,Lind,jecody and I put in my fleets, TO IKA , LIND, JEC, and the FUTURE!
[Mgr] Techy4198 rund the player data will be under /plugins/Multiverse-Inventories/worlds/name-of-survival-world/ and i think ...
On the left pane you should now be able to see options to donate with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. These coins are called cryptocurrencies, and you can mine them with your computer without actually paying any money!

After some requests, here is a basic overview about mining coins:

You can also earn Doge on reddit by downloading the doge wallet and signing up with the dogetipbot. Reddit users will tip doge if you say something funny or otherwise worth a tip. You can then transfer it to your wallet. Its not an effective way to earn a lot of doge, but it is a way to do it without mining.
[E] tonster46346 Lol dogecoin
[Mod] DoubleIka How does one earn a Dogecoin? (Dogecoin? Such wow many moneys)
[D] Jazzaus Yesss, I was looking at reddit and I had saw that you made a post about GOX, so recently I have tried mining some bitcoi...
Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, games are hosted at 3 different times. Each time caters to a specific set of time zones, but anyone can play at any time. Each time slot will host at least 3 games. The times are: 10:00am 3:00pm and 8:00pm EST. In UTC, these are 3:00PM, 8:00PM, and 1:00AM. 


[A] rundmcarlson a posted Feb 22, 14
The main server has been updated to 1.7. There will likely be a survival world reset at some point in the future so you can use the new biomes and items, but at this time it will remain the same until DvZ testing is finished. Please report any bugs or other problems. A backup copy of 1.6 has been retained so if there are any major problems we will roll back to 1.6 until 1.7 is more stable. Thanks and enjoy!
[Mgr] Techy4198 um... the server is down for me.
[D] 20JPorter *Just Finished watching the Original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory* That is scrumdiddlyyumptios!

DvZ Test Game

[A] rundmcarlson a posted Feb 20, 14
Test game of the new 1.7 automated DvZ server this saturday at 7:00pm EST! 40 slots, first come first serve. If you lose connection and someone takes your place, you are out of luck sorry! I will be fixing that issue in the future but for the test I am only worrying about how well the game works and looking for bugs. Hopefully I will see everyone there, and everything will go as planned!
HippyTrigz Well i haven't played MineCraft for 6 months im not getting addicted again... its like a drug... you can never come...
[Mod] DoubleIka I bet as soon as this goes up the server will be it's old self again! I am talking more then just me and con on at ...
[D] Trollolol3 Thank you Jesus. lol
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