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I can't wait till the server turns 22 years old...
I can't wait for 1.8! :d
I saw 1.7.8 and thought it was 1.8... the awesome Skin one...
[link] Might want to change all your passwords on everything.
@Lind thats why everyone has a specific UUID now. And that's why 1.7.5 came out. To stabilize name-changing in the future.
Well I want a new name. Not for trolling just because I hate my user and never realised that you can't change it lol
This name change thing is going to cause major problems on servers, given the fact people can change their names, and friends will not know who they are, or they can use it as a way of trolling... :d
They are adding the support to change your name. Not the ability to.
Wait you can change your name soon? cool!
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This weekend I will be resetting the world so we can generate 1.7 land. Fill your inventory and an enderchest with whatever you want to keep. If the items carry over to the new world, you can have them. If they don't carry over, then we will all be on the same new page of nothingness. There will be a new world to explore and the kits will make sure you get back up and running quickly.
[E] regshowfreak7 And to the great friend 20JPORTER! Ps is this going to be a survival server? Please allow us to have creative plots!
[E] regshowfreak7 Let's remember the Time Ika,Lind,jecody and I put in my fleets, TO IKA , LIND, JEC, and the FUTURE!
[E] conormcs
conormcs @ Steve's DVZ
rund the player data will be under /plugins/Multiverse-Inventories/worlds/name-of-survival-world/ and i think balances a ...
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[E] tonster46346 Lol dogecoin
[D] ikaboddablock
ikaboddablock @ Steve's DVZ
How does one earn a Dogecoin? (Dogecoin? Such wow many moneys)
[D] Jazzaus Yesss, I was looking at reddit and I had saw that you made a post about GOX, so recently I have tried mining some bitcoi ...
Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, games are hosted at 3 different times. Each time caters to a specific set of time zones, but anyone can play at any time. Each time slot will host at least 3 games. The times are: 10:00am 3:00pm and 8:00pm EST. In UTC, these are 3:00PM, 8:00PM, and 1:00AM. 


[A] rundmcarlson a posted Feb 22, 14
The main server has been updated to 1.7. There will likely be a survival world reset at some point in the future so you can use the new biomes and items, but at this time it will remain the same until DvZ testing is finished. Please report any bugs or other problems. A backup copy of 1.6 has been retained so if there are any major problems we will roll back to 1.6 until 1.7 is more stable. Thanks and enjoy!
[E] conormcs
conormcs @ Steve's DVZ
um... the server is down for me.
[D] 20JPorter *Just Finished watching the Original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory* That is scrumdiddlyyumptios!

DvZ Test Game

[A] rundmcarlson a posted Feb 20, 14
Test game of the new 1.7 automated DvZ server this saturday at 7:00pm EST! 40 slots, first come first serve. If you lose connection and someone takes your place, you are out of luck sorry! I will be fixing that issue in the future but for the test I am only worrying about how well the game works and looking for bugs. Hopefully I will see everyone there, and everything will go as planned!
[E] HippyTrigz Well i haven't played MineCraft for 6 months im not getting addicted again... its like a drug... you can never come back ...
[D] ikaboddablock
ikaboddablock @ Steve's DVZ
I bet as soon as this goes up the server will be it's old self again! I am talking more then just me and con on at a tim ...
[D] Trollolol3 Thank you Jesus. lol

Server Outage

[A] rundmcarlson a posted Jan 11, 14
The server will be down until 1/15/14. I am moving to a new apartment and have to disconnect the server tonight to pack it. I'll be moving in on Tuesday and may have it back up then, but since I'm moving my entire house in I might not get to it until Wednesday. Hopefully there will be a mostly stable bukkit build by then and if so I will update the official server at that time. Sorry for the outage but it will only be a few days.
[D] falafel_phil I just got a youtube channel but I need to put it back sense I switched my computers.
[D] falafel_phil I had to switch around my computers so I may or may not have minecraft
[E] 21Sman Hey.... ...


[A] rundmcarlson a posted Dec 15, 13
Bukkit still doesn't have a 1.7.2 build out that is reasonable but I have set up a temporary 1.7.2 server with the dev build. It has all the stuff from the normal server but not all of it works. Anything you do on this server will end up being lost when we move to the proper functioning 1.7, but you are free to play on it to get some of the new features. Once 1.7 comes out, the 1.6.4 server will be updated and this one will be deleted, but it can still be fun to play around or try out your plans for the official 1.7 server when it comes out.

The ip is the same as always, but with :25560 added to the end.
[N] Williamstanton I cant get on
[E] purplegame123 When shall someone be on Cause im back you peps


[A] rundmcarlson a posted Nov 2, 13
I've updated to 1.6.4. I wasn't going to update until 1.7 came out but the 1.6.4 update from bukkit provides some important features for the transition to 1.7. So if any of you are trying to connect, you need to make a profile in the launcher for 1.6.4.

As usual, let me know if there are any problems. Also, I have fixed your perms in spawn eggnog, so let me know if you can now use them properly.
[E] EpicKillChaos Hey Guys! I am reporting MinecraftKid1337 for Griefing my best farm I have ever made. He griefed it cuz He said "It ...
[E] EpicKillChaos Hey Guys, I was wondering, How do I put my new parkour on parkours? Its like a story parkour. Its Really fun. But I am n ...
[D] sammito121 unexplored*
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